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There is an endless treasure trove of travel friendly goodies to be had on Amazon and our Castle Coaches Travel recommendations could easily stretch to the hundreds if we were giving you a comprehensive packing list. However, this list is designed to make you aware of some products that may be new to you or new versions of some old favorites. Either way, we are certain you'll find a new travel must-have among them; we certainly can't leave home without any of them!

  1. iWalk Mini Portable Phone Charger. About the size of a lipstick, this charger will deliver a full charge to your iPhone after the endless time you'll spend on your phone accessing the new GENIE+ service. Yes, you can buy flash rods in the Parks, but they are more costly and eventually run down.

  2. Hagon Pro Disposable Ponchos. Let's face it - rain happens. Whether a gentle sun shower, a torrential downpour or you just want to keep dry on Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids, an inexpensive poncho is a must have. These come in family friendly packs of 5 at a bargain price and are small enough to fit in a fanny pack.

  3. Bagail Compression Packing Cubes. I find these indispensable for loading my carry-on or checked bag with all of my "special" Disney outfits. They're also great to have when you need to create space in your suitcase for all of the souvenirs you acquired.

  4. Dr Scholl's Gel Soles. We can hit 25,000 steps on a typical day at the parks. Gel soles keep that spring in our steps as we're going, going, gone.

  5. Sink Suds. These small individual sachets of laundry soap turn your sink into a hand washing wonder. When you *maybe* get a little too enthusiastic devouring a Dole Whip or macking down on that Mickey Bar, use this to remove the evidence. Great for socks and undies for the lightest of packers, too.

  6. Hair Claws. In addition to their obvious use, hair claws come in handy when you want to seal the window curtains completely shut to block light from entering, or secure wet swim suits and laundry to the shower curtain bar or towel bar.

  7. Portable Folding Clothes Hangers. After my compression cubes springs to life, what's a girl to do with all those clothes in the shared space of a Disney hotel room? These small but mighty hangers do the trick of keeping all of my tops and bottoms orderly and organized and in full view.

  8. SAFEGO Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lock Box. My kids and I love to take a break from the parks and spend time in the amazing resort pools. When we do, I use this purse size lock box to store my phone, wallet, Kindle, watch and other items I don't want to 'walk away'. Its handle locks around the arm of a lounge chair and the combination lock keeps everything in its place while I'm spending carefree time with my family in the pool.

  9. Clear Backpack. Security protocols are always changing at the parks. When I'm stopped at bag check, having the clear stadium bag or back pack really moves us along. It also makes things much easier to locate when the need arises.

  10. 3-Digit Code Combination Password Stroller Lock. Unfortunately, not so magical things can happen even in the most Magical Place on Earth. This stroller lock can make sure your child's chariot awaits after the rides and attractions are through.

  11. Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle. I believe this is the Holy Grail of collapsible water bottles. It is leak proof, has a twist cap, is BPA free, stands upright filled and unfilled, holds 22 ounces of water yet compresses to palm size when not in use.

  12. Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws. We especially like these for Animal Kingdom, where straws are not offered. And the bendable versions are great for the drinking comfort of kids and adults alike.

  13. Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen Travel Packets. I love these because I can wipe sunscreen on my kids without the gooey mess of a liquid, the haphazard application of a spray and the hassle of packing either. They are SPF 50 and the packets are small and easy to carry to the park.

  14. DERMA E Mineral Powder Sun Protection. I'll admit it. I'm vain and I like to put my face on before heading out the door, even on vacation. But I also want adequate sun protection for my face. That's why I use a zinc oxide face powder with SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection for coverage throughout the day. I get protection without messing up my make-up. (I like to leave that pleasure for the 100 degree weather and 80% humidity).

  15. Disneyana. Did you know that Amazon is a great place to buy Disney shirts, hats and other paraphernalia? You can deck yourselves out in style for a fraction of the cost of custom shirts or on-site purchases.

  16. gb Pocket Air Ultra Compact Lightweight Trail Stroller. This is possibly the most amazing travel stroller I've ever seen. It's double wheeled for easy maneuverability, all mesh backed for great breathability, and folds to the size of a handbag in seconds. A HANDBAG! IN SECONDS! You can effortlessly take it on an airplane, on the monorail, on a bus because It.Folds.To.The.Size.Of.A.Handbag.

  17. Coldsnap Blue Cooling Towels. I like this towel because it cools through a unique evaporation process, and is even treated with an active antimicrobial agent to combat mildew and odor. For added convenience, it can be machine washed, air or hand dried, and then re-used after cleaning. It will instantly soften when reactivated with water and keep on cooling.

  18. Inspire Ultra Thick Bathing Wipes. These rinse free body wipes are the perfect thing to combat the sweat and grime of long park days and perk you up with a dose of freshness so you feel easy breezy throughout the day.

  19. Bladeless Neck Fan. By far, my favorite portable fan. It's rechargeable and hands free as it cradles your neck. It has 3 speeds and can flexibly adjust in 360° direction to let you find the most comfortable positioning.The 72 covered turbine blades are strong and comfortable, and can cool down quickly in 3 seconds. Use it over your cooling neck towel for an added 'aah'.

  20. Kuguaok Sunglasses. Sunglasses are a no brainer. But these earned their place on this list because they are UV protected and polarized and come in three packs at an unbelievable low price. Because if you bring expensive ones, Murphy's law commands you will lose them.

I hope this list offered you some new products to consider and perhaps even try! We'd love to know if you do and what you think. Got a unique product or hack? Post it here👇🏻.

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