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From Good to Great –

How Using a Travel Advisor with

Castle Coaches Travel

gets you there.

The Internet is remarkable – like, “how’d-we-ever-live-without-it” remarkable. Like you, we are at our screens countless times each day for online shopping, homework help, menu planning and a myriad of different tasks. However, just as often, we find the sheer volume of available information too overwhelming and stress-inducing when trying to plan a travel. The very thought of relaxing days of togetherness, sharing magical moments and making unforgettable cherished memories takes a hard detour when we run up against the unscalable wall of information one must comb through to plan it all just right.


At Castle Coaches Travel, we often hear the question
“Why do I need a Travel Advisor?"
The answers may surprise you.


There’s a reason both the savvy leisure traveler and the corporate road warrior both use Travel Advisors. They understand the value of working with leaders in the fields where they don’t personally have an expertise.  Your Travel Coach is an experienced professional with a level of personal experience and corporate training in the brands and destinations we represent.


Our vacation planning expertise is FREE to you. You do not pay us, but rather we earn our living with paid commissions from the travel providers of your trips.  Although we may charge for some optional add-ons, much like any other service industry provider, the cost to you to have us plan and book your vacation package is typically NOTHING. As a matter of fact, using a Travel Advisor like one of our Coaches may SAVE YOU MONEY.  Because we have a direct line of communication to the travel vendors, we often hear about travel discounts and specials unknown to the general traveler, and we are able to pass these great on to you.


While no one knows everything about travel, your Travel Coach and the team at Castle Coaches Travel has the institutional experience and the collective expertise to connect you to people, places and experience that can create the kind of travel experience you may never have imagined for yourself in the first place.


Stuff happens. Kids get sick, flights get delayed, reservations “disappear". We’ve heard it all. When the worst happens, do you know that the people who get through it the easiest are the ones who worked with a Travel Advisor. You have an advocate on your side who has a professional understanding of the travel industry.


We save you time by doing to the research for you. We keep you organized by creating customized itineraries that are a perfect reflection of your ideal vacation. We take care of the little things you may not have even noticed had they been overlooked, and the big things that leave you with a wow factor, but for us you may never have known existed.

Take a look at an example of just some of what we can create for our clients. Every single trip is 100% customized for your family & the locations you would like to visit. 

Each itinerary, all your trip details & important information is then available online via a web browser or our free travel app that you can use via any smartphone. You can even download an offline version.

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