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Stephani Chhorn

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Favorite Destination: 

Disneyland® Resort

Favorite Snack:


Favorite Hotel:

Disneyland® Hotel

Favorite Attraction:

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad® Attraction

Meet Stephani!

Walt Disney said it best when he said, “First, think. Second, dream. Third, believe. And finally, dare.” Let me put this motto into a reality when planning and booking your next Disney adventure.


Meet Stephani! Stephani lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband and two kids and  works full time as a lead emergency room customer account rep. She is always eager to talk all things Disney.....just ask her friends and coworkers! 

Stephani has been visiting The Disneyland® Resort for over 15 yrs and is still finding new and fun things to explore! She has vacationed in Disneyland with a 6month old all the way up to a ladies only trip. Stephani has personal experience staying at many of the Disneyland area resorts and can make the best suggestions depending on your likes, wants, and needs.  She has traveled with children of all ages and heights and can tell you where every single bathroom is throughout the property.  Need a mommy/baby break?  She knows where those rooms are too. On an upcoming trip, Stephani will also be traveling with a sensory special needs child; and will be able to share her experience for those that want to visit the park, but might need a little extra assistance or help.

Stephani has been helping her friends and family plan their Disney trips for years and can't wait to work with more families to help them make wonderful memories for any Disney Destination!

Stephani specializes in:

Disney Destinations

Universal Studios

& more!

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