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Valerie Trejo

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Favorite Destination: 

Walt Disney World® Resort

Favorite Snack:

Cheese burger spring rolls 

Favorite Hotel:

Disney's Art of Animation
Favorite Attraction:

Big Thunder Mountain

Meet Valerie!

Valerie was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Growing up Disney was never a big part of Valerie’s life, but that all changed the summer of 2018. She experienced the magic at Walt Disney World® Resort first hand alongside her children and they fell in love instantly. She never looked back and has been back every year since, enjoying her kids grow at the parks.

Valerie is a stay at home mom whose life revolves around her children and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She refers herself as “the happiest mom earth.”

Valerie's organization and attention to every detail makes all the difference in planning a successful trip. As a self proclaimed foodie, one of her favorite aspects of planning is booking Advance Dining Reservations and Enchanting Extras at 6am. Just one of the many benefits of using Valerie as your travel planner. She loves to try all the snacks and pass along tips and feedback to her clients.

Valerie is so excited for this journey and cant wait to help people experience the Disney magic!

Valerie specializes in:

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