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Running for a Magical Cause: My First runDisney Princess Marathon 2024!

Give Kids the World Village

Hello, fellow Disney enthusiasts and running aficionados! I am thrilled to share my upcoming journey of participating in the runDisney Princess Marathon in 2024, an event that combines my love for Disney magic and the incredible opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children. This event will take place at the Walt Disney World Resort® February 22-26, 2024, which just so happens to be my 40th birthday and anniversary weekend, making it even more special. Many years ago when I worked at Walt Disney World as an entertainment Cast Member, I had the privilege to cheer on all the amazing and dedicated runners during a marathon weekend. Since then, actually participating has been on my Disney bucket list. As a first-time participant, I am honored to be running to raise funds for the charity Give Kids The World Village and the remarkable children it serves. Join me as I embark on this unforgettable adventure filled with princesses, castles, and a touch of pixie dust!

The Inspiration:

Growing up, Disney movies captured my imagination, teaching me about bravery, friendship, and the power of dreams. The runDisney Princess Marathon is the perfect opportunity for me to relive those magical moments and celebrate my love for all things Disney. But beyond the personal joy it brings, I am even more motivated by the chance to support Give Kids The World Village. The Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend invites everyone to join in a celebration of the ways we are all heroes, every day. Because each step forward, each act of kindness, each smile at a stranger… these are the moments that define your character—and can change the world.

Give Kids The World Village:

Give Kids The World Village is a nonprofit organization that provides week-long, cost-free vacations to critically ill children and their families. Located near the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, this enchanting village offers these families an escape from hospital visits and medical procedures, allowing them to create cherished memories together. The Village features whimsical accommodations, themed entertainment, and access to all the incredible attractions that make Central Florida a dream destination for kids. Nothing can truly convey the magical feeling of being at the Village or the impact that it has on the many families we welcome each year. However, there are many online images and videos that do offer a glimpse of some of the Village's iconic venues and what makes Give Kids The World Village the place where happiness inspires hope.

Running to Make a Difference:

By participating in the runDisney Princess Marathon, I have pledged to raise funds for Give Kids The World Village and contribute to the transformative experiences they provide. EVERY dollar I raise will go directly toward ensuring that more children facing life-threatening illnesses can enjoy the magic of Give Kids The World Village. It's my way of giving back and helping these incredible children and their families create lasting memories that will bring them hope and happiness. No amount is too small and so appreciated.

Training for the Marathon:

Preparing for a marathon is no easy task, and my journey to the runDisney Princess Marathon is no exception. As a first-time participant, I am pushing my limits both physically and mentally. From establishing a consistent training schedule to focusing on endurance and speed, each step brings me closer to my goal. With the thought of the children I aim to support in mind, every mile becomes a testament to their bravery and resilience.

Embracing the Princess Spirit:

What sets the runDisney Princess Marathon apart is the chance to channel your inner princess or prince throughout the race. Something I am not unfamiliar with 😉. Participants are encouraged to dress up as their favorite Disney characters themed to the specific race, which adds an extra dash of magic to the event. I will be participating in the 5K, which this year is Little Mermaid themed.

2024 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Whatever I choose to run in, my costume will serve as a reminder that dreams can come true, not just for me but for the deserving children we are helping.

The runDisney Princess Marathon in 2024 will be more than just a race for me; it will be a celebration of my passion and love for Disney, and my dedication to making a difference in the lives of children. By supporting Give Kids The World Village, I hope to bring smiles, joy, and a sense of wonder to children who truly deserve it. Join me in this extraordinary journey, as together, we create a brighter and more magical world for those who need it most.

Let's lace up our running shoes and make every step count! Remember, dreams really do come true when we run with a purpose!

If you'd like to support my fundraising efforts for Give Kids The World Village, please visit my donation page at Together, we can make a difference!

If you too would like to run for a cause and register for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend for 2024, join my running team! Best yet, Castle Coaches Travel can help you focus on training rather than planning. Reach out to a Castle Coach today to help book.

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