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The Ultimate List of Things to Do on an Adults Only Disney World Trip

Disney is arguably the world’s most family-friendly vacation destination. Yet, there are times while vacationing with our littlest loved ones that we feel the pull and abundance of the more adult activities. There are enough grown-up options at The Most Magical Place on Earth to keep even the most mature guest busy all vacation long and they are hard to ignore.

An adult Disney vacation holds wonders all its own. Fine dining, specialty tours, evenings out and entire experiences are incredibly different. As the Castle Coaches team prepares to enjoy its own Adults-only Disney trip, here are our finest recommendations for a stellar Adults-only Disney World vacation.

1. Pick Your Resort

Although we love them for their price points and larger-than-life family fun, we recommend staying away from the Value resorts during your adult vacation, simply because they are loaded with kids, sports teams and families. They can get loud and rowdy, all in good fun, of course, but this is your vacation away from the kids.

If ever there was a time to consider a Deluxe Resort or Club Level accommodations, it is now. The luxury, location and heightened guest service will open a “whole new world” (see what we did there?) to Disney travel. Disney’s Grand Floridian or Riviera Resorts are divine. Even a Moderate like the calm and serene Disney’s Port Orleans can fit the bill, and the budget, and set you up for the relaxing vacation you want.

2. Plan a Day without Parks

The Walt Disney World Resort is loaded with activities that most guests never utilize. Spas, golf, water sports, classes, small beaches and hammocks and more. Take a day to enjoy the amenities of your resort or try something new. Get a massage, rent a bike, rent a canoe, go fishing, horseback ride, try your hand at archery or play a round of golf on one of the four courses on property. There is so much to enjoy throughout the 27,000 acres of beautifully cared form grounds.

3. Dine In Style

This is your chance to eat at some of the finest restaurants at Disney World without having to slum it with an accompanying kids’ menu. Time to make that reservation for Victoria & Alberts at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Children under 12 aren’t even permitted in the restaurant. Victoria & Albert's has received AAA's Five Diamond Award every year since 2000 and currently is one of three restaurants in Florida to receive the award. It is a high-class experience that is definitely worth treating yourself to.

If Victoria & Albert’s isn’t on your wish list, there are plenty of other excellent restaurants you can enjoy as an adults-only party. Whether you try some place new, like Narcoosees at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Jiko at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Trader Sam’s at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, or Chez Paul’s at EPCOT, you will find your Disney dining experience elevated beyond your expectations without kids in tow.

4. Plan A Monorail Crawl

Ah, the monorail. Good for getting you from point A to point B, and GREAT for adults-only shenanigans. The monorail runs in a continuous loop between the Magic Kingdom and the Disney’s Grand Floridian. Pick a resort as your starting point and enjoy a cocktail at the bar or lounge. Then board them monorail, get off at the next Resort stop and have a cocktail at its bar or lounge. Continue until you have enjoyed an offering at each resort.

You don’t have to drink either; you can have an appetizer, entrée and/or dessert at each resort for a fun progressive dining experience.

5. Enjoy a Night Out at Disney Springs

You finally have the ‘me’ time you have craved to browse over 100 shops at your own pace. Cap off the retail therapy with some adult fun at Splitsville Lanes, House of Blues, Dockside Margaritas or any of the 50 or so dining options that call Disney Springs home.

6. Travel Off-Season

With all the wonderful festivals at EPCOT, parties and special events at Magic Kingdom, rundisney races and athletic competitions held year-round at Disney World, it may seem difficult to find a quieter time tom visit the parks. We promise you that with a little advance planning, it can be done. And you may even score a promotional rate on your package for traveling when the parks are less full.

7. Experience EPCOT

EPCOT offers a profusion of adults-only fun. We would declare it the best Disney theme park for adults given its attractions, dining and drinking options The 11 cultural pavilions infuse your vacation with culture and the restaurants are among the best Disney has to offer.

Your trip will be even more enriching if you can plan to visit during one of the beloved festivals that are geared to adults – International food and Wine Festival, Flower and Garden Show and the Festival of the Arts. Each features unique specialty booths, shopping opportunities and delightful and educational interactive experiences. We tryn to never miss them.

Of course, we would be remiss if we did not mention that game of games, Drinking Around the World. The rules are simple…there are none. Just visit each of the 11 pavilions of the World Showcase and throw back a drink in each. Tequila in Mexico, saki in Japan, a beer in Germany, limoncello in Italy, and so on. Then take a very safe bus/monorail/Skyliner/Uber ride back to your resort.

8. Enjoy a Unique Access Tour

Adults tend to be fascinated by the conception and workings of Disney World, while kids tend to be fascinated by the churros, popcorn and souvenirs. Rarely the twain shall meet. An adults-only trip is a great time to take one of the access tours, like Keys To The Kingdom, for example, or a host of others. These special tours give you a unique look at the park and unprecedented access to select experiences. Each tour is conducted by engaging and well-informed guides and offered throughout the year. We highly recommend them.

A VIP tour is also worth considering. While it does come with an enormous price tag, there are numerous VIP tour-sharing Facebook groups that can get you added to a tour at a fraction of the price of going alone or during a family holiday.

9. Arrive Early and/or Stay Late

There is something so indulgent about letting go of a schedule and coming and going as the mood strikes you. While some planning is necessary, when you are traveling with adults only you are no longer beholden to nap times, mealtimes or anyone’s schedule but your own. It is the kind of liberation that adds an extra layer of relaxation to your vacation.

10. Thrill Rides

Very often our family’s taste in rides and our personal likes will differ. If not the case, then why would Disney offer rider swaps and single rider lines? Traveling with adults only gives you the chance and the freedom to be a kid again and enjoy all the thrilling rides and attractions that may not appeal to your brood. Scream your heart out as you drop to the depths on Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror. Get misty-eyed and patriotic in The Hall of Presidents. Earn bragging rights as the first one to ride the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. Each park is your oyster and every ride a pearl in a magical string of joy your craft for yourself.

We hope we’ve gotten you excited about the many possibilities Disney has for an Adults only vacation. Whether you are a couple looking to get away, a reunion group, a bachelorette party or a girl or guy’s long weekend away from reality, Walt Disney World resort offers something for everyone.

If you need help planning a trip to any Disney Destination, you can click here for a free, no obligation quote. Thank you for following along with and reaching out to Castle Coaches Travel.

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