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When is the BEST time to visit Walt Disney World?

Planning a magical family vacation to Walt Disney World is an exciting endeavor, but choosing the right travel dates can significantly impact your experience. From crowd levels to costs, finding the perfect time to visit can make all the difference. In this guide, we'll explore the best strategies for selecting the ideal travel dates that ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip for you and your family.

Walt Disney World monorail at EPCOT theme park.

What Time of Year is Disney World Least Crowded?

If you prefer a more relaxed and less crowded experience at Walt Disney World, certain times of the year are better than others. Generally, the least crowded periods occur during the following months:

  • January: After the holiday rush, January sees fewer visitors, making it a great time to explore the parks with shorter wait times.

  • September: As most schools are back in session, September brings lighter crowds, perfect for a magical adventure. The one downside is the weather, September is better than June through August, but it’s still a gamble. It’s a lot like May in the regard where it can be temperate and pleasant or insanely hot. Especially early in the month, it can be pretty hot and humid.

  • Early December: Before the holiday season kicks into full gear, early December offers lower attendance and beautiful holiday decorations.

Mickey Mouse greeting a family with young children at Magic Kingdom theme park at Walt Disney World.

When is the Best Month to go to Disney World?

While crowd levels are an essential consideration, other factors like weather and special events may influence the best time to visit Walt Disney World. Many families find the following months to be a delightful time for their vacation:

  • May: May offers milder weather before the summer temps hit and lower crowds compared to peak months like June and July, allowing for more enjoyable park exploration.

  • October: Fall brings a festive atmosphere, and October is no exception. Enjoy the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival while taking advantage of moderate crowds.

  • December: Although popular the closer you approach the holiday season, December boasts magnificent holiday decorations and special events, creating a truly enchanting experience.

The Walt Disney World entrance gate labeled as 'The Most Magical Place on Earth'

What is the Cheapest Month to go to Disney?

Families looking to maximize their vacation budget may want to consider these cost-effective travel dates:

  • Late January to Early February: After the holiday season, prices tend to drop, offering budget-conscious travelers a chance to experience Disney magic without breaking the bank.

  • Early September: As schools resume, prices often decrease, making September an attractive time for a more affordable vacation.

  • Weekdays in February (except Presidents Day): Weekdays in February see lower demand, allowing you to enjoy lower-priced accommodations and tickets.

  • Summer Months: Disney often offers great summer promos for those wishing to take advantage of summer break from school.

A large crowd of people walking toward Cinderella Castle on Mainstreet USA at Magic Kingdom theme park

When Should you Avoid Crowds at Disney?

Certain periods throughout the year are notorious for heavier crowds:

  • Spring Break: Mid-March to early April sees a surge in visitors, particularly families with school-aged children on break.

  • Major Holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's attract significant crowds, as many families make Disney a part of their holiday traditions.

It is important to note that ride refurbishments can happen unexpectedly at anytime, but are more common in the "off season" like January and February.


At Castle Coaches Travel, we prioritize YOU and your vacation priorities. We create a daily park plan to help you experience everything on your wish list regardless of the crowds. We recommend picking the travel dates you desire and allowing us to custom craft a plan to maximize your time.

Whether you prefer lower crowds, milder weather, or cost savings, carefully planning your trip can lead to a magical and unforgettable adventure. Consider the tips provided in this guide, and let us help you experience the enchantment of Walt Disney World with your loved ones!


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