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Last Chance To Voyage with The Galactic Starcruiser!!

Updated: May 23, 2023

As my fellow Castle Coach Travel Agents get ready to PUNCH IT to hyperspace on the Galactic Starcruiser on June 24th, it was announced the other day that the Halcyon will have its last voyage September 28th-30th, 2023

While this is incredibly disheartening news, it is the perfect time to squeeze in this revolutionary 2 night-experience onto your Walt Disney World Vacation! This experience includes themed theater entertainment, culinary art, and real-life role-playing game experience.experience onto your Walt Disney World Vacation! Read on why YOU should book before September!

You and your group will embark on a first-of-its-kind Star Wars adventure that’s completely your own. It’s the most immersive Star Wars story ever created—one where you live a bespoke experience and journey further into a Star Wars adventure than you ever dreamed possible. While on board, you'll find exclusive experiences and activities that you can only enjoy on the Halycon, such as mastering the traditional art of wielding a lightsaber! You can take in a game of Sabacc or enjoy a lively droid racing experience. You'll go beyond regular character encounters and embark on secret missions. 

You'll arrive at the Walt Disney World Resort terminal, board a launch pod, and rendezvous with the magnificent Halcyon. Your out-of-this-world, accommodation experience is either a cabin or suite with an exquisite view of space. While on board the ship, you’ll interact with an eclectic array of characters true to the Halcyon. Delight yourself with exotic galactic cuisine like Yobshrimp imported from Naboo and perhaps even plot a secret mission with some familiar Star Wars rogues.

Take your story to new heights! While your itinerary continues, you'll learn to create your own destiny. Choose your path: be seduced by the dark side with the First Order, or fight for the light with the Resistance! You can also choose to strike a bargain with a gang or smugglers or simply sit back and enjoy your surroundings while sipping on a galactic cocktail at the Sublight Lounge. Seek out the inner workings of the Starcruiser, and find intrigue in the developing story that is your own.

Feeling more inclined to jump on a transport to a new star system? You can venture to the planet Batuu—where your mission continues at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!  While exploring Batuu, seek out additional Star Wars adventures and the unique culinary offerings that the Black Spire Outpost has to offer.

You do not want to miss this one-of-a-kind interstellar travel experience! Don't forget to pack your Galactic Regalia for this occasion! 

Need an Obi-wan to guide you on your vacation? Learn how Castle Coach Natalie's free-of-charge services can make your dream come alive! 

Bookings are temporarily paused, but will resume May 26 and spots will go quick. Don't let this once-in-a-lifetime adventure drift away into the cosmos! Book your Galactic Starcruiser experience before September to ensure you don't miss out on this extraordinary journey. Gather your fellow travelers and embark on an epic voyage that will leave you with memories that transcend galaxies!


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