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Our Secret To Getting The Best Viewing Location For World Of Color At Disneyland Resort

Indulge in Magic: A Must-Try World of Color Dessert Party at Disney California Adventure for the best viewing for the beautiful World of Color Nighttime Show.

World of Color Dessert party at Disney California Adventure, a premium offering for seating viewing of World of Color with treats and drinks

At Castle Coaches Travel, we are passionate about creating unforgettable experiences for our clients, and one of the most magical experiences we've had the privilege to enjoy and share is the World of Color Dessert Party at Disney California Adventure. If you're a Disney enthusiast looking for the ultimate way to immerse yourself in the dazzling World of Color nighttime spectacular, this blog post is your golden ticket to a world of sweet treats and prime views.

What to Expect:

Imagine capping off a day at Disney California Adventure with a stunning display of lights, colors, and music – the World of Color show. Now, imagine doing this while comfortably seated at a dedicated viewing area, with a table and a selection of delectable desserts and cheeses before you. This is the essence of the World of Color Dessert Party.

The package includes a range of delightful inclusions:

- Delicious Desserts and Cheeses: Indulge in a mouthwatering selection of desserts and cheeses that are not just sweet treats but little pieces of art, meticulously crafted to enhance your experience.

- Alcoholic Beverage (21+): For those of us of age, an alcoholic beverage is part of the package. Relax and enjoy a drink while you savor the spectacle.

- Unlimited Soft Drinks and Bottled Water: Stay refreshed with unlimited soft drinks and bottled water. The package caters to all tastes, with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate available for those who prefer a warm beverage.

- Reserved Seating: The real magic lies in having reserved seating and the best viewing location for World Of Color. No more struggling or remembering to get in a daytime virtual queue or opting for a dining package. You'll sit at a table with folding chairs or a high-top table with director chairs, ensuring your comfort throughout the show.

Why Seating Matters:

After a long and exhilarating day at Disney California Adventure, the last thing you want is to stand for the nighttime show. Standing often means dealing with limited viewing angles, as parents hoist their kids on their shoulders for a better look. It can be a real challenge to fully appreciate the World of Color show in such conditions, and you certainly don't want to miss any of the spectacular moments.

What sets the World of Color Dessert Party apart is the opportunity to sit back and relax, free from the worry of obstructed views. Your reserved seating ensures an unobstructed, front-row view of the breathtaking performance. No need to jostle for a better spot or strain to see past a sea of heads.

Two Shows a Night:

Another great benefit of the World of Color Dessert Party is that it offers you the choice of two shows a night. You're not restricted to just one opportunity to witness this magnificent spectacle. This flexibility allows you to plan your day at the park without feeling rushed, knowing that you can enjoy the show at a time that suits you best.

Whether you opt for the earlier show, so you can still enjoy the park afterward, or the later one to end your day with a burst of color and emotion, the Dessert Party offers this valuable choice. It's all about making your Disney adventure convenient and unforgettable.


The price for this extraordinary experience is $89 per guest, which includes tax and gratuity. Here's the best part – children ages 2 and younger may attend for free, provided they are seated on the lap of an adult. It's a family-friendly experience that everyone can enjoy.

Why It's Worth Every Penny:

You might wonder if the splurge is truly worth it. The answer is a resounding yes. The World of Color Dessert Party is the only way to watch this breathtaking show while seated. The premium seats, delectable treats, and the enchanting atmosphere elevate the experience to new heights. While others stand in virtual queues or opt for dining packages, you'll be living the dream, enjoying the show in comfort and style.

Castle Coaches Travel: Your Disney Experience Experts:

At Castle Coaches Travel, we're not just your travel agency; we're your Disney experience experts. We don't just book this premium experience for you; we share our personal insights, tips, and tricks to make your Disneyland vacation truly magical. Colette, owner of Castle Coaches Travel, has experienced this premium offering every single one of her Disneyland trips. That is five times in the last year and a half alone! Our first-hand experience with the World of Color Dessert Party allows us to provide you with all the information you need to make the most of this unforgettable experience.

Don't Miss Out – Book Your Disneyland Vacation:

So, if you've ever found yourself juggling tired kids, aching feet, and a desire to make the most of your Disney experience, the World of Color Dessert Party offers the perfect solution. Seated comfort, unobstructed views, and the option of two shows a night make this experience worth every penny.

Now, here's the part that might give you a bit of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). This extraordinary experience has limited availability, and it's in high demand. If you want to secure your spot at the World of Color Dessert Party and ensure a memorable Disney California Adventure, reach out to us today. Let us create the vacation of your dreams, filled with enchantment, excitement, and the sweetest treats Disneyland has to offer.

Don't wait any longer. Contact us now to book your Disneyland vacation and secure your place at the World of Color Dessert Party. It's time to indulge in the magic and create memories that will last a lifetime. Your Disney dreams are just a reservation away.

Castle Coaches Travel agents enjoying World of Color Dessert party at Disneyland Resort

Castle Coaches Travel, a boutique travel agency that specializes in Disney destination and concierge planning to maximize your vacation and remove stress.


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